Customized Engineering Solutions

We offer bespoke engineering design services to customers who require customization of our Commercial-Off-The-Shelf products. Our in-house design team have successfully delivered modified COTS products across electrical, firmware and mechanical domains.

Case Studies



A major oceanographic research institute required a small form factor backup to their autonomous underwater robotic system, in the event of their main controller losing communications. Satelligent’s SBD Warrior firmware was modified to implement high precision location and automated message triggering features allowing for recovery of these high value assets.



A leading aeronautical and space agency approached Satelligent to develop a locating system for their sounding rocket application. The application had to withstand high shock and vibration conditions of up to 50G and had to be light weight and small to fit the extremely limited space inside the rocket. Satelligent’s SBD Warrior firmware was modified to adhere to the agency’s data formatting requirements. In addition, the controller was ruggedized and tested to ensure tolerance to high shock and vibration environments. The controller was successful in locating the sounding rockets after its missions.


Oil and Gas

The client had a proven cathodic protection product concept that required engineering design services to bring it to the prototype stage. Satelligent developed a high dynamic range current measurement and data acquisition system and integrated it with satellite communication capability. This resulted in a marketable product which was further tested with a major oil and gas company.

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