The WarrierTech Story

WarrierTech began in 2013, with a simple question: How can we connect small businesses to their data to help them grow?

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understood the financial and data challenges small and medium-sized businesses face, so we set out to create innovative technology solutions that are simple to implement and even easier to use, that do not come with a big price tag.

We use our vast technical knowledge, industry-leading hardware and software, and unparalleled customer support, to help our clients overcome key barriers to growth and development with our suite of custom and off-the-shelf data technologies. Together, we can bridge the gap between data capture and data delivery to help your business grow.

Meet our Team

Arjun Warrier

Co-Founder of WarrierTech

Arjun has over 15 years of electronics engineering
experience specializing in analog, digital, power and RF design. His work includes hands-on experience in circuit design, system design, testing, and product development for scientific, oceanographic, industrial, military and polar applications.

Driven by his passion to help others succeed and his belief in the power of technology, Arjun takes pride in providing knowledgeable customer service and support from project initiation to project completion. Arjun is also a recipient of Innovacorp’s Clean Energy Sector Award and is a published author in the field of wireless communication.

Arjun Warrier
Robyn Warrier

Robyn Warrier

Co-founder and CEO

Robyn’s dedication to excellence defines the organization’s culture, strategy and direction. Over the past 12 years, Robyn has played an integral role in the research, development, design of products, services, and sales at WarrierTech.

Robyn’s desire is to level out the playing field for all entrepreneurs, regardless of the size of their business, which starts with giving them control of their own data. Robyn believes WarrierTech’s success is completely dependent on the success of their clients.

Our Values

The Power of Data

We believe in the power of data, and in the incredible potential for optimization that data insights can bring to your business. We use our knowledge and expertise in IoT technology and remote monitoring systems to create custom solutions that deliver the data and insights our customers need – when and how they need them.


We believe technology can change the status quo. We are constantly seeking new ways to solve the array of industry-specific challenges that our customers face with innovative technological solutions.

Commitment to Clients

At WarrierTech, the customer always comes first. Our professional team is dedicated to getting to know our customers’ needs and wants, and providing the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of friendliness, authenticity and expertise.


We believe that when we work together, we always work better. Therefore, WarrierTech seeks to develop and sustain effective and collaborative relationships with its customers to build success together.


Being trustworthy, reliable, and honest while helping our customers succeed is of utmost importance at WarrierTech. To do this, we set the highest of standards in the products and services we offer and the interactions we have with our customers.

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